Cub Scouts Pack 777, The Woodlands, Texas


The Scout Oath

Cub Scout Promise

On my honor I will do my best

To do my duty to God and my country

And to obey the Scout Law;

To help other people at all times;

To keep myself physically strong,

mentally awake and morally straight. 


What does the Scout Oath mean?

Before Scouts agree to the Scout Oath, they need to know what it means.

On my Honor I will do my best...Saying "On my honor" is like saying "I promise".  It means that you will do your best to do what the Scout Oath says.

The Scout Oath has three promises.  Lets look at what they mean.

To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the scout law...A duty is something you are expected to do. At home, you might be expected to make up your bed or take out the trash.  You also have a duty to God and to your country.  You do your duty to God by following the teachings of your family and religious leaders.  You do your duty to your country by being a good citizen and obeying the law.  You also promise to live by the 12 points of the Scout Law.

To help other people at all times...Many people need help.  A friendly smile and a helping hand make life easier for others.  By helping people, you are doing a Good Turn and making our world a better place.

To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight...The last part of the Scout oath is about taking care of yourself.  You stay physically strong when you eat the right foods and get plenty of exercise.  You stay mentally awake when you work hard in school, learn all you can, and ask questions.  You stay morally straight when you do the right thing and live your life with honesty.   

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