Cub Scouts Pack 777, The Woodlands, Texas


The Living Circle

The Living Circle is a ceremony that is used occasionally as an opening or closing at a Cub Scout meeting. It reminds boys of the friendships they are making that link them together with other Cub Scouts.
To form a Living Circle, Cub Scouts and leaders stand in a close circle, facing inward and slightly to the right. With their right hands, they make the Cub Scout sign. With their left hands, they reach into the center of the circle. Each thumb is pointed to the right, and each person grasps the thumb of the person on his left, making a complete Living Circle handclasps. The Cub Scout motto can then be repeated.
The Living Circle can also be used by moving all the left hands up and down in a pumping motion while the members say, "A-ke-la! We-e-e-ll do-o-o- ou-r-r best," snapping into a circle of individual salutes (with right hands) at the word "best."

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