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Pinewood Derby

2016 Pinewood Derby 

January 29, 2017
Butler Hall, Trinity Episcopal Church

Registration and weigh-in:  Saturday January 30, 2015 -  3-5 PM

**Late Registration day of the race allowed from 2:30 - 2:45 AM.  Racers not registered by 2:45 PM Sunday will NOT be permitted to race**
Racing Fuel (snacks, drinks and fun)  will be available..  This is a family event so bring the grandparents, uncles, cousins, and anyone else who might enjoy the race.

"Gentlemen!  Start your Engines.:

Join the ranks of millions of Cub Scouts who have stood in the derby winner's circle. Cub Scouts have been building their own cars and competing in Pinewood Derby® events since 1953! At the heart of this event's success is the process itself - bonds are strengthened as the Cub Scout partners with a parent or adult mentor to design, carve, paint, weigh, refine, and race the car. In addition, Cub Scouts build confidence and take pride in their own growing skills and hard work. So enjoy the ride! The pinewood derby is one of the most popular and successful family activities in Cub Scouting. Pinewood derby cars are small wooden models that Cub Scouts make with help from their families. Then they race the cars in competition. The cars are powered by gravity and run down a track. Every boy can design and build his own "grand prix" car to enter in the race.


Race Day Highlights

There will be four divisions...  

  • The Scout Derby - Who will be the fasted Cub in Pack 777?  Who will get the coveted "winners (chocolate) milk this year? 
  • The Sibling Derby - Scout brothers, sisters and friends through fifth grade can enter their own cars.
  • The Outlaw Derby - Scouters, Parents and any brother, sisters and friends over fifth grade can enter their own cars
  • The Car Show - All cars will be entered into a car show contest.

Prizes and Recognition

The Derby is about doing one's best and having fun, so all child participants will be recognized.  But that doesn't mean our race winners won't take home some shiny hardware.  Trophies will be awarded to racers in places 1-3 overall and for Best Sportsmanship in addition to Car Show Design Categories: Best Paint Job, Most Original, Most Unlike a Car, Best Overall Design.  Trophies will be awarded in the Scout Derby, Sibling Derby, and  Outlaw derby as well.

Derby Workshops

There will be several opportunities to mold and shape the block of pinewood into a mean lean well-decorated racing machine.  We will announce dates and times for the workshops once we get the parents lined up who will be supervising the shop tools.  The boys are not permitted to use power tools but they are encouraged to design the shape of their cars, sand them, and decorate them accordingly.  Parents are encouraged to assist the child but they should let the child do most of the work.

Equal Ground

All entries in the derby will start with the "Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit" which includes the body, 4 axles, and 4 wheels.  All nine pieces MUST be used before the car can race.  All active Scouts will receive a kit in March. Parent and siblings can purchase kits through the pack or at the local Scout Shop in Conroe.  Cars may not exceed 5 ounces in weight and must conform to certain size restrictions and specifications.  Decorating the cars are up to the imagination of the boys.  The complete set of rules will be distributed with the Scout kits, available at the Derby Workshops, following the links on this page, or by clicking the link below.
Printable Rules
Printable Rules can be downloaded by clicking here.
How to Guide
 Check out this Wikibooks guild to building a pinewood derby car.  There is a ton of useful information, just make sure you are following the Rules for Pack 777 during your construction.
Printable Rules
Printable Rules
Printable Rules

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